If you never listened to Rev. Ike before, do yourself a 14-minute favor and listen to this !!! WOW !!!

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WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED WITH REV. IKE ??? Was this always his message?? Let this TRUTH be TOLD !!! Again & Again & Again !!! ASE’-O !!! ~~ Aside from the disrespectful male chauvinistic character of the Rev’s presentation (IMO) (especially given the huge percentage of the feminine presence in the Black church), it was/is an AWESOME message.

IF / WHEN the critical mass of our people (Black Christians and all others)

get to truly know and live and come together to build upon the TRUTH embodied in this message, our liberation-restoration will be a done deal !!!

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!

~~Bro. Mxolisi