Hear These Voices for African Vision and Victories ! ! !

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Hear These Voices for African Visions and Victories ! ! !

Our Ancestral Brother Dr. Asa Hilliard and Brother Dr. Na’im Akbar

(26 minutes – parts 1, 2 & 3 — Worthy! of your time and attention ! ! !)

HEAR and HEED these renowned scholar-warriors’ insights (20 years ago, still relevant today!!) on:

  • The importance of truly, diligently, systematically, raising our children according to the needs of OUR nation;
  • Illusions of freedom via “desegregation”;
  • The on-going siege, warfare, waged against us via the policies and practices of U.S. society;
  • The impacts of this nation’s system of mis-education / de-education on our educators and students;
  • The great need for the enlightenment of significant numbers of our elders and others of us who have “made it” in this society, for the transformation of their consciousness and behaviors; the role that media decisions play in blocking any progress on that front.


Dr. Hilliard: All successful groups (people) identify by their culture and ethnicity and so forth, and every successful group has a systematic strategy to socialize its children . . . That’s not an accident; you don’t leave that to chance. You put your children through a process to create the person you want them to become . . . But (unfortunately) many of our young people are literally raising themselves . . . with children raising children in far too many cases.

Dr. Akbar: We’ve been under siege ever since we’ve been here . . . with conditions constantly threatening the lives of our families. . . . Desegregation has given us an illusion of freedom that has eroded our sense of unity, in terms of addressing the threats confronting our collective well-being . . . has contributed greatly to the deterioration of the forces and strategies by which we endeavored to raise our children.

Hilliard: We need to recognize that there are things done to us that weaken our capacity to sustain our institutions – job discrimination, decline of educational opportunities, Hollywood propaganda / negative images about African people.

Akbar: (The illusion of inclusion) There’s been a tremendous push to confuse inclusion with actual power. . . . We confuse presence (via “desegregation”) with power, and allow that presence to defuse and diminish real aspirations for power – our own businesses, educational institutions, community networks, etc.

Hilliard: (Education) The process produces too many “teachers” who can score high on tests but cannot teach, eliminating people who can and have been effective teachers but don’t necessarily score high on tests. Is that intentional or non-intentional?

Akbar: (Teachers) Prior performance is the best indicator of future performance. It has been clearly demonstrated in the educational system, with tests being a poorer indicator. But the people who now control the tests also control the gateway. They use the tests to affirm decisions they’ve already made.

Hilliard: The increased interest and movement in paper and pencil tests has risen with the increase in Black applicants . . . But if you want to find out if they are really good tests, why not give them to people who are currently holding these jobs and compare the results to their job performance ratings. That proposal has been rejected. . . . Tests are a quick, dirty and cheap reflection of the unwillingness in this society to invest in developing talent (apprenticeship programs). Tests represents a quick way to make a dirty decision.

Akbar: People holding power want to keep power . . . This society has demonstrated itself to not have a moral conscience. It doesn’t do what’s right or correct. . . . Their aim is to maintain brute control over resources they want to maintain for themselves. . . . (Prisons) Prisons are a means of corralling the manpower of our communities . . . keeps us out of the competition for genuine power . . . minimizes the ability for self-determination, which is consistent with the aim of the powers that be in this society.

Akbar: There is the need for more positive talk, information sharing, about our needs and challenges, enabling our people to be more aware and conscious of what happens in warfare, and how we are at war and people are fighting to destroy us. We need to teach that! That it is not the robo-cop that is our enemy. It’s the white supremacy propaganda producers and the people selecting comedians and buffoons to put on TV, rather than selecting our scholars to begin to tell us something about where we need to go and what we need to do.

Hilliard: Our elders need socializing as much as our children, especially those who missed what they ought to have had. They need information. . . . They have no sense of the depth of the problem, the nature of the siege. If you look at the behaviors of those who have “made it” – degrees, bank accounts, etc., you would swear everything is just perfect. Their behaviors reflect no attention to the crisis we’re in.

Akbar: Change in behavior must be preceded by awareness. If we don’t know it, we can’t change it. . . . Let’s decide that we want to stop acting like slaves.

It’s in our hands, IF it’s in our HEARTS ! ! !

What Will YOU Do??