May 19: Let’s Remember & Honor Brother Malcolm X . . . Always!

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Let’s Make His Birthday A Holiday of Our Own!! Celebrating Malcolm X Day in San Francisco on Sunday, May 17, 1-4 p.m., at Kenneth Harding Plaza, Third and Palou, Bayview Hunters Point

“Malcolm X Day San Francisco celebrates the life, work, ideology and leadership of a man whose relevance to American society remains as powerful and important today as it was during his lifetime. His acute intelligence, personal integrity and search for truth and justice transformed him from a young, disadvantaged boy to Harlem criminal to prisoner, from dynamic Nation of Islam minister to a powerful global human rights leader.

“He strove unceasingly and uncompromisingly to gain unity, self-respect and self-determination for all Afrikan Black peoples of the world and believed in achieving Black freedom BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. His life and work can be an inspiration to all of us regardless of race, religion or economic status.”

Black studies * Let’s celebrate his birth date *

* Embrace and honor his spirit *

* Let it live through You *

* Be sure to  Teach the Children! *