Dr. Neal Holmes: What in the African World . . . ???

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What in the African World . . . ???

“The task that we now face will test the genius of the Black race. The Blacks in the United States are in the best position as a leadoff example for the rest of the African race. For such a movement would further change the course of history and inspire Black youth everywhere, along with their elders, with a new vision, a sense of direction . . . If we fail to accept this challenge at this critical turning point in our history, we will have proven ourselves unworthy of having any descendants, and our very names should be forgotten by them – or cursed to the farthest generation.”

Dr. Neal Holmes, Ph.D.

Dr. Neal Holmes, Ph.D.

The foregoing words from the observations of ASAR Dr. Chancellor Williams (The Destruction of Black Civilization) served as part of our introduction of Brother Dr. Neal Holmes’ (voice of the Pan African Unity Movement, of Richmond, VA) on HC Live & Direct! (1-22-2015), as he prepared to share with us his insights on “Crucial Issues for Our World African Community—2014/2015 & Beyond!”

Brother Holmes began with giving thanks for those words, saying, “The role of Africans in America is quite important at this time.”

The New World Order:

Dr. Holmes spoke of this as being something that U.S. President George H.W. Bush (and every President since him, including Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama) has continued to pursue. He spoke of the writings of Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations: The Remaking of the World Order) as an inspiration and political foundation for that movement, wherein doubt is cast on the existence of an African civilization, and the suggestion that Africa might best align itself with Arabic Islam. This New World Order, Holmes asserted, includes the establishing of a New Arabic Order, rooted in “the extension of the gift of whiteness” to Arabs of influence and power who might see it as an attractive stepping stone for their economic and political aspirations.

Holmes said “the real deal” undergirding U.S and Western involvement with the overthrow and murder of Libya’s Gadhafi was his resistance to the West’s Barcelona Memorandum which aimed to separate Northern Africa from “Sub-Saharan” Africa, and lead to the unification of a whiteness-embracing Northern Africa with Europe. Holmes cited a book by Horace Campbell (Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya) as a source for greater details of that endeavor. He shared with us how the African Union’s position for the halting of armed action and resorting to negotiations in the Libyan situation was ignored, with Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying, “We want Gadhafi, dead or alive.”

Dr. Holmes’ presentation included insights and perspectives on the following:

  • Boko Haram and the extended and heightened expansion of Afri-Com into over 30 African nations;
  • The coincidences & dynamics of the Ebola tragedy in the region of Liberia and Sierra Leone, a region whose history includes formerly U.S.-enslaved Africans joining British troops against the U.S. for control of the region and its resources, as well as Marcus Garvey’s vision of seeing the region as the place from which to give rise to the liberation of the Continent from European domination; where multi-national corporations have taken land and evicted large numbers of people adding huge complications to the Ebola situation;
  • Cuba’s humanitarian and military responses to various African crises over the years, including their role in fighting the Ebola crisis; pointing to the absence of RBG (red, black & green) Forces for such interventions – humanitarian, militaristic, or otherwise;
  • The positive national and international potentials for industrial and economic opportunities represented in China’s presence on the Continent;
  • Saudi Arabia’s purchases of large tracts of land in various African nations, and their support of certain movements which are not in Africa’s best interest.

For these and other crucial issues facing Africa and the World African Community, Brother Neal sees Diaspora and Continental African unity being crucial. In the U.S., he sees the need for non-conventional African Spiritual Community Centers;

  • centers rooted in our (African World) history and cultures;
  • centers which will facilitate and nurture our return to traditional African values and their application to modern challenges;
  • centers where the concepts and visions of “independence” and “self-reliance” will play primary roles in the shaping/reshaping of African minds – young and not-so-young – as well as the actions we undertake.

We can end this memo with the words by which we started: “The task that we now face will test the genius of the Black race.” (ASAR Dr. Williams)

“The role of Africans in America is quite important at this time.” (Dr. Neal Holmes)

What do you say? What will you do?

(You can hear Bro. Holmes’ entire presentation at the following link: http://www.spreaker.com/user/harambee_connection/crucial-issues-in-world-afrikancommunity.)