A Pregnant Woman’s Pregnant Power!

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Pregnant Power!
By Ka Meritah, pregnant and powerful
(a Facebook posting) 4/19/2014

Pregnancy is an example of how much more energetically powerful a woman is than a man. She takes in continuous amount(s) of energy to sustain her life and (that) of the baby growing inside her. The energy enters into heart and travels all the way down into the womb, connecting with the baby. During the nine months, the woman is highly sensitive to energy, having very vivid dreams and visions. Her

Sister Ka Meritah: pregnant & powerful!

Sister Ka Meritah: pregnant & powerful!

intuition is increased.

Her aura glows because of the light energy that is flowing throughout her. She naturally transmutes energy for the baby, taking in what it cannot handle and breaking it down into simpler form. All of her power goes into making the body for the soul that came from another dimension that wants to experience human life. She allows the spirit being to have a human experience through her vessel.
Now THAT”S what I call Power!

(These powerful words of reflection and purpose ought to be given serious attention and internalization by any Sister — and their mate — who is contemplating pregnancy and the creation of new life. Being/Becoming a vessel through whom the spirit-being can have a human experience! ~~ Thank you, Sister Ka! ~~ Bro. Mxolisi)