Pan African Holidays for December

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December 1 –    “National Day” in Central African Republic.  

December 2 –    “Freedom and Democracy Day” in Chad; and

                                “World Aids Day” in South Sudan.  

December 6 –    “Farmers’ Day” in Ghana.  

December 7 –    “Independence Day” in Cote d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast).  

December 9 –    “Independence / Republic Day” in Tanzania;

                                “National Heroes Day” in Antigua & Barbuda; and

                                 “Immaculate Conception Day” in Equatorial Guinea.    

December 10 – “Independence Day” in Panama;

                               “Human Rights Day” in Guinea; and

                               “International Human Rights Day in Namibia.  

December 11 – “National Day” in Burkina Faso; and

                              “Fourth Republic Day” in Madagascar.  

December 12 – “Jamhuri / Independence Day” in Kenya.  

December 13 — “National Day” in Saint Lucia.  

December 16 — “Reconciliation Day” in South Africa.  

December 18 – “Republic Day” in Niger.  

December 19 – “National Heroes and Heroines Day” in Anguila.  

December 20 – “Abolition Day” in Reunion; and

                                “Incwala Day” in Swaziland.  

December 21 — “Sao Tome Day” in Sao Tome & Principe; and

                               “Magal de Tuba” in Senegal.  

December 23 — “National Unity Day” in Zimbabwe.  

December 24 – “Independence Day” in Libya.  

December 25 – “Family Day” in Mozambique.  

December 26 – “Family Day” in Namibia; and

                                “Day of Good Will” in South Africa.  

December 31 – “Festival Day” in Montserrat.