Dr Frances Cress Welsing & Dr Marimba Ani On Trayvon Martin

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Listen to this presentation by our beloved Drs./Scholars/Warriors Welsing and Ani, as they put the Trayvon Martin tragedy into perspective, in the context of the national & world-wide white-supremacy/racist agenda-system, and what we — African people — ought to do/must do (other than “put our heads in the sand”).


Hear their responses (at the 37 minute mark) to the question: What keeps Black people from really, effectively confronting and overcoming racism/white supremacy?  Are we “afraid” of the white man?


Dr. Ani said it was a matter of courage — or lack of it; that depression, denial and fear has too many of us stressed and incapable of effective action. She wondered if it might be a “psycho-historical” condition, without delving into what that term means.  — (Best I could discover is, a psycho-historical condition is one that grows from the negative impact of the flow and outcomes of historical events, leading to psychological  impediments [unconscious feelings and fantasies] among those suffering those negative impacts, characterized by individual and/or collective dysfunction, including unwholesome family values and behaviors, when it comes to effectively identifying, confronting and overthrowing the causes of that flow and its outcomes.) — At any rate, Dr. Ani concluded, once such a condition is acknowledged, “you’ve got to do what [Marcus] Garvey did.

Dr. Welsing came at the question like this: “I say we’re afraid. . . We need a national conference called by the Black man, and it would be called, ‘We Are Afraid of the White Man’ . . . (It would be) a call to confront ourselves and what we are afraid of. That takes power. . . The pursuit of white women serves to substitute for the substantive aims and purposes to which we ought to be dedicated . . . This is what white society is now offering.”  She said “deep pacification” is the state into which too many Black men sink on that path.

Additionally, Dr. Welsing offered this: It (the fear, deep pacification, et al) amounts to a cry to the Creative Force to take Black away from me! The most powerful stuff in the universe. The Creator’s response, she said, is this: “I’m waiting for you to begin to respect what I made. Stop allowing others to demean you to the point of self-demeaning and self-hate.”

The bottom line, Dr. Welsing said is, can we get into that zone in which we  respect ourselves as Black people in ways that we haven’t imagined in 500 years?  . . . If we get into that zone, to experience a seriousness about ourselves — if we get on that track, the negative forces would respond to us like we used to respond to the subtle but mighty gestures of our elders —  (a sigh, the twitching of an eye, clearing of a throat, a hand on a hip) —  when they were calling us to right order, thought and behavior.


Let their words to the wise be sufficient instigation and inspiration, for the continuation and escalation of the quest for the LIBERATION of African people, and all Human Civilization.

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!

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