Can We Be Saved From “Churches”/”Bishops” Like This???

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A “bishop” in the Houston, Texas area has informed the members of his congregations that GOD would bless them with the new car of their dreams, if they would contribute to the cost of new propeller blades for his (the churches) helicopter. For a $52 contribution, GOD will bless them with that car within the next 52 days or 52 weeks, bishop said.  And this man, reportedly, has 28,000 people (and counting) sitting at his feet, searching for salvation!!!

See a news video relative to this madness at the following link:

We’ve got find the way(s) to break our people free from mistaking and embracing CHARISMATIC CORRUPTION and ENTERTAINING EXPLOITATION for Salvation and Liberation!!!

The following comment, by Ajike WilliamsPastry Chef Instructor at Cakes Uniquely Yours School, is by far the most “on target” that we have seen:

“I am sick and tired of these black pastors fleecing the African American community, they are pimps using God’s word and it is almost like being enslaved and oppressed twice, first in the dominant society, secondly in your own community by the Pastor.

“Most African Americans go to church to hear an inspirational message to get them through whatever they have to go through, must go through during the week.

“The wealth of the black community is in these churches and only one living in the lap of luxury is the Pastor not the congregation, isn’t that something, oppressed by two masters, the one you go to from Mon-Friday then on Sunday. If ever you get to go to a bank in a black community on a Monday see how much money in checks are being tallied up there behind the desk. Does God’s word want his people to prosper yes, he does but not that the Pastor should exploit those who might be in an emotional and mental state of looking for inspiration and taking the people’s little money.  Now, you see in the outside world that would be thief, embezzlement, fraud or the like.

“Our people are so injured from our enslavement we need someone to give us a dose, fix of something and in this case it is the Pastor. A lot of blacks would conform to this man because in the black church people are always jockeying around to get as close to the Pastor as they can especially when you have no position of importance in the workplace, your community or home. As a Christian myself I want to get as close to God as I can and not the sinful preacher robbing the people of the little money they have, and the states are in compliance, churches are exempt from paying taxes as long as they comply with states rules.

“Black people wake . . . up how many houses you could have bought with the 10% you are told you have to tithe, read your Bible from Genesis to Revelation to understand how this tithe came about. Pastor is living well and . . .  most of you not so well.”

What Do YOU Think?

— Bro. Mxolisi T. Sowell / Ozo-Sowande