A 2013 Black History Month Prayer!

Posted on February 26, 2013 by


Divine Creator, Strong Liberator, Almighty GOD;
Infinite Intelligence, Wisdom and Love:

Once again we gather to say Thanks and give Praises.
At the top of that list, Thanks and Praises for the infinite compassion and love that led YOU to entrust the sufficient measure of your own DNA to each of us, all of us, throughout the history of humanity – a reality that is reflected in the words that say we are made in your sacred, divine, infinite, eternal image.


Thanks and Praises! For worthy ancestors – men and women in high places and low who realized in every cell and fiber and intangible dimension of their being the reality of those words – MADE IN GOD’S IMAGE – and were inspired and empowered to do all they could, every day of their lives, to develop and perpetuate the fullness of the beauty of life that the sacred “something within,” “image within” enabled them to see and feel, and to always teach their children to do likewise!

Thanks and Praises! For those who journeyed north, south, east and west from the Olduvai Gorge, learning the structures and functions of the earth and sky and the forces of nature, and enabling themselves to develop agricultural, architectural and medicinal excellence – and more! — and systems of celebration and praise for the truth, beauty and goodness of Creator and Creation!

Thanks and Praises! For those who carried that spirit, that consciousness, that diligence to the Nile Valley, to Great Zimbabwe, and to countless points of light throughout our great Motherland, Africa!

Thanks and Praises! That that great spirit, consciousness and diligence survived and continued to have life in the so-called “new world” in spite of the obscene and god-less inhumanities of the middle passage and plantation experiences, auction blocks and hanging trees!

Thanks and Praises! For mothers and fathers, scholars and warriors, who through it all worked and prayed and fought various battles to keep alive in our hearts and minds – MADE IN GOD’S IMAGE! – DESERVING OF AND CAPABLE OF THE BEST THAT LIFE CAN BRING!

Thanks and Praises! For those who came together to organize and establish resistance against the lynching of that spirit and image in the hearts and minds of the sons and daughters of Africa by men in white hoods and black robes, kangaroo courts and lawless legislatures; heartless men in whom the image of divinity was suffering a tortuous, blasphemous, murderous suffocation!

Thanks and Praises! For Carter Godwin Woodson, whose very name likely reminded him, and ought to remind us, that GOD does WIN and the divine will shall be done when we allow the divine image within to write its message and history of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in every cell and fiber and intangible dimension of our being, and respond to that message and history with all our heart and soul, with all our mind and might!
Thanks and Praises! That Carter G. Woodson heard the message loud and clear and would not let the circumstances of cotton fields, tobacco fields, coal mines, and the absence of opportunities to attend formal schooling to turn off the light of YOUR essence within him and turn him from his mission!

Thanks and Praises! That he, in his lifetime, was blessed to realize what he called the “beautiful history” written through the awesome lives and accomplishments of our African ancestors all over the Motherland, and endeavored to get us all to take Sankofa looks back to the “beautiful history” – its philosophy, science, economics, art, music and more – and be inspired to write with our lives a history, heritage and future second to none, and to always teach our children to do likewise!

Thanks and Praises! For parents and elders, and for leaders of our churches, sororities and fraternities, and others who realize and revere that “beautiful history” and do all they can in word and deed to bring it forward in the lessons taught to our children and the examples set before them! Not only in February, but also in March and in every month that has minutes, hours, days and weeks!

Thanks and Praises! For those who realize that these beautiful lessons, inspirations and empowerments cannot be left to public institutions of mis-education and de-education, but must be practiced and perpetuated in the institutions that arise through the labors of love in our hearts and homes, families and communities!

When all is said and done in the Black History gatherings of February 2013, may we go forward with a renewed and strengthened determination to hear, heed, feel and know YOUR beautiful IMAGE, ESSENCE and DNA within calling on us to do all we can, every day we can, to write more history of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Justice with every breath of our lives, and to always teach our children to do likewise!

By the power of that Beautiful Image and Essence within, these words of Thanks and Praise are raised! Amen! . . . Ashe! . . . Amen Ra!

by Bro. Mxolisi T. Sowell / Ozo-Sowande