Remembering, Honoring and Absorbing the Spirit of Rosa Parks

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As we move from February 4th into February 5th, it is not too late to continue remembering and honoring our rebellious, courageous, long-fighting Sister-Warrior, ASET Rosa Parks. It was 100 years ago – February 4th, 1913 – that this spirit of destiny came to earth in Tuskegee, Alabama. Before, during and long after the bus incident, Sister Rosa was diligently pursuing respect and justice for herself, her people and, ultimately, the whole human family.

Mrs. Rosa Parks: Rebellious, courageous, beautiful, indomitable warrior for justice.

Mrs. Rosa Parks: Rebellious, courageous, beautiful, indomitable warrior for justice.

Bro. Charles Blow wrote a column in the New York Times on Feb. 1, in which he gave us a serious glimpse at the real Rosa Parks, contrary to the meek, timid, “my feets is tired” watered-down image that those who rely only on mainstream media for information might hold. He drew some of his information from a recently released book by Jeanne Theoharis entitled The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. His reading led him to close his column by declaring that Mrs. Parks was as much Malcolm X as she was Dr. King — all rolled together. That assertion led to some folks criticizing Blow for somehow tainting her life and legacy by associating her with the spirit and persona of Bro. Malcolm.

You can read Blow’s column at the following link:

Additionally, Democracy Now! presented an interview with the above mentioned Ms. Theoharis on Feb. 4, during which the erroneous portrayal of Mrs. Parks was put further to rest, as she shared her insights relative to Sister Rosa’s life and spirit and the undeniable (if unknown) presence of her indomitable spirit in countless episodes during the civil rights era, including her attitude relative to Malcolm X.

The Democracy Now 1-hour presentation can be accessed at the following link, with the interview starting at the 10:09 mark, and Mrs. Parks’s attitude for Brother Malcolm coming at the 38:24 mark:

Let our memory of her last though our love for her, as we allow her eternal spirit to invigorate and nourish the spirit of justified rebellion, unwavering courage and tenacious diligence within our hearts and souls.

Thank you, Creator. Thank you, Ancestors. Thank you for Rosa Parks!
She was/is, indeed, one of the ones who played an immeasurable role in our freedom movement.
Thank you, Sister Rosa Parks!

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!
Bro. Mxolisi