Racial Pride: We MUST Teach Our Children!!!

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Black Teens With Racial Pride Do Better in School

Jan. 1, 2013

From AFRICANGLOBE – African American teenagers perform better academically when their parents instill in them a sense of racial pride.

Overall, the study found racial pride to be the most powerful factor in protecting children from the sting of discriminatory behavior. It directly and positively related to three out of four academic outcomes—grade-point averages, educational aspirations, and cognitive engagement—and was directly related to resilience in the face of discrimination. Preparation for bias was directly related to only one outcome—the sense of belonging to a school.


Please read and heed the whole article. You/We owe it to our children, our youth, ourselves — our future!!!

Also please read / re-read: https://hcvoice.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/dr-marimba-ani-speaks-on-black-culture-and-sovereignty/

This is very serious business for our cultural, spiritual, mental survival and well-being.

La luta continua!!!