Obama says, “Don’t boo. Vote!” Republicans say “GOD” is one their side

Posted on October 29, 2012 by


by Mxolisi T. Sowell / Ozo-Sowande

With the conclusion of the 2012 Elections, perhaps it will be made clear where the majority of the populace stands on the question of where “GOD” stands when it comes to the micro management of human affairs, particularly on the issue of whether “GOD” would chose the horrifically un-immaculate  event of rape as a “method of conception” by which to bring new life into being; and, further, allow the violated woman (herself a life created in the image and essence of “GOD”) no choice in the matter of deciding to abort or complete the pregnancy.

Further, the Elections might serve to make clear whether the majority of the populace prefers to be presided over by a political party that seems to be increasingly infected with an obsessive impulse that it is uniquely endowed with absolute immaculate perception that qualifies it to be the agent(s) of “GOD’s” micro management;  OR . . . if we prefer a party that is appreciative of the awesome gift of intelligence that is universal in those who are made in the “divine” image and the need for profound consideration of the multiplicity of perceptions that arise from that reality, in order to develop laws and policies that serve the greatest good for the greatest number –Theists, Atheists and Agnostics, Democrats, Republicans and Others  – Females and Males, alike.


Throughout the primary and presidential campaigns, as well as the struggle for affordable health care for all Americans, we have heard the Republican/Tea Party discontents crying out about the need to “Take our country back!” It seems, increasingly, that they want to take us BACK to the tyranny of religious-based self-righteousness and ruthlessness (and worse), while liberation/freedom from such tyranny is celebrated as fundamental to this nation’s founding and raison d’être (reason for being).

Along the way, we have seen and heard those discontents continuously hurling irrational pejoratives and accusations at President Barack Obama (religious and racial, questioning his birth & citizenship, seeking to raise doubts about his allegiance to the nation, and others), seeking to paint him as some “other” who has diabolical intentions for the nation. They do this while ignoring (or celebrating) the fact that the huge majority of their favored senators and representatives have pledged their allegiance to a “just say no” posture and an irrational “no new revenues” plot designed by those who desire to see our government weakened to the point that it can be “drowned in a bathtub.”

Along the way, we have seen Mitt Romney flip and flop his way to the top of that crop, with little or nothing of substance to offer, only to embrace the most extreme carrier of that party’s obsessive impulse, Paul Ryan, as his running mate. Romney’s latest effort to appear to have something reasonable and substantive to offer came by way of his endorsing virtually every existing and proposed plan of action voiced by President Obama during their third presidential debate. Flip, flop. Additionally, Romney is promising that his plans for reviving our economy will create 12,000,000 (twelve million) new jobs. But that is exactly the same number of new jobs that economists have already said are likely to come into being as a result of the plans, policies and actions that the Obama administration has put forward over the last four years.

There is an enormous list of crucial issues on which the country needs to move FORWARD: The increasing (if not gross) inequality in terms of economics, education and opportunities for upward mobility; National defense and International relations; Climate and environment; Deficits, taxes & spending cuts (including Social Security & Medicare challenges); Supreme Court appointments; Equal protection of the law regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation; Immigration; and others.

Just, equitable and practical solutions for these and other challenges are not likely to float down on parchment. They can only come about as a result of the full consideration of the diversity of perceptions that the best minds of our diverse population can put forward. The man and the party in the D.C. crowd who have demonstrated themselves to be most desirous and capable of doing that are President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Given the choices before us, we owe it to ourselves, our children and future generations to retain and strengthen that leadership for at least four more years.

This is an historical moment; even greater than that of 2008. Let no one — let nothing — persuade you to believe that your vote doesn’t count.