Sis. LeTava: “IT IS TIME!” on HC Live & Direct!

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On Tuesday, July 24, HC Live & Direct! spoke extensively with Sister LeTava Mabilijengo regarding her recently released book, “IT IS TIME!”

You can listen to that enlightening and challenging presentation at the following link:

Don’t miss this important presentation!!

“IT IS TIME!” This is the title of the latest, long awaited book by Sister LeTava Mabilijengo. . . .

“IT IS TIME!” delivers Sis. LeTava’s down to earth insights on seven (7) challenges that confuse, compromise and render fruitless too many would-be/wanna-be free African persons, especially those of the USA. . . .

Sister LeTava Mabilijengo

“IT IS TIME!” delivers ten (10) organized and deliberate steps for unified, dignified, self-reliant transformation and liberation for African families and communities;

steps growing from Sis. LeTava’s life-long experiences as a daughter, sister, mother, home-schooler, mentor;

as an organizer/administrator of the self-reliant H.E.R. Sustainable Tribal Living Campus (home to an African-centered tribal living co-op, Emerging Scholars Institute, The Sage House Self-improvement Center and the tribe’s Great Garden), and more;

all under the matriarchal spirit and principles that have been the dominate factors in authentic, viable African life over the ages of our African existence.

“If you don’t work, you don’t eat!” These are words that often flow from Sis. LeTava’s lips, as she goes about the life of loving labor and diligence to which that spirit and those principles have called her. . . .

If we could put words in her mouth to expand on those words, they might go something like this:

If you are not willing put your hands, your feet, your soul — your total being, into the soil of the works that will bring forth the tree of our true African liberation, then neither you nor your children nor their children will ever taste the fruits of such a tree. For without that organized, uncompromising, deeply abiding commitment, that tree will never exist except as a figment of your delusional imagination.

Learn more about “IT IS TIME!” and the work it calls all Africans who are serious about Nation-building to embrace: Join Sister LeTava as she join us on HC LIVE & DIRECT!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 — 7-9 p.m. EST — “IT IS TIME!”

(Learn more about Sister LeTava, the work she does, the life she lives, by visiting her website at