Developing Men of Honor; Encouraging Women of Power!

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HC Live & Direct presents – – (4/3/2012)

Developing Men of Honor; Encouraging Women of Power!

Here is the link for this very interesting program:

In this program, Bro. Alvin Coghill, social studies instructor and coordinator of the Men of Honor program at Amelia County H.S., Amelia, VA, joined us (hosts Bro. Amenseph J.P. Weekes & Bro. Mxolisi) to discuss the challenges and successes of that program in inspiring boys toward honorable, competent, responsible manhood. Included in the presentation were Men of Honor president, Treyvon Garland, and sergeant-at-arms, Dante Barnes, both seniors at Amelia H.S.

 Additionally, Sis. LeTava Mabilijengo, an administrator of the H.E.R. Sustainable Tribal Living Campus (near Indianapolis, Ind), and a steadfast activist for the restoration of Black people and the African principle of matriarchal leadership, joined us to discuss her new book, IT IS TIME, which encourages Black women to become more diligent and steadfast in the roles only they can play for the liberation and elevation of Black life in the US and throughout the World African Community. Included in this segment is Sis. LeTava’s daughter, Sis. Lateefah.