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Enjoying sugar in the raw is exciting and healthy

It makes me know, I’m getting the REAL thing

There are so many sugars of a different taste

That leave a BAD taste wherever they go

And don’t seem to mind and will blame their

Unnatural, no good tasteless self on you

Some people won’t ever find this RAW SUGAR

Of such a great taste


Yet, none to compare to this sugar in the raw

Sugar in the natural, expresses itself

So beautifully and I ENJOY every taste I get

And IS GENUINE in ALL aspects we share


I’ve used other sugars and substitutes

Now, I’m glad I’ve put them far from my being

For they were unhealthy for my growth

Get to know the natural sugars for your enjoying

You have to become a RAW SUGAR to recognize

Another RAW SUGAR of a wonderful taste in the natural


No, there is No sugar so pleasing to me than this

RAW SUGAR I’m experiencing from you

It’s tightly packed and doesn’t come loose easily

For others to taste and consume


There are so many sugars in the raw

Of different weight and height

But these come directly from you, my sweet rawness

That surely, there is enough for more than one serving

I truly love me some RAW SUGAR


True men and women God created

Be kind and love upon your sugar in the raw

For we know the substitutes are still out there

And there is NO PLACE anymore for the

Not RAW SUGAR in all its unnatural way



 *   *   *

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Sumana Taonga Kagiso Cyrah