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The murder of Trayvon Martin, the actions of the Sanford, FL police department, and the initial actions of the totality of Florida state government,  say it loud and clear:

Far too many misfits of this nation continue to be infected, and we are being afflicted, bywhat might be called the Dred Scott Decision Syndrome (DSDS) which was/is driven by the notion that Black people have no rights that White people are bound to respect!!!

Let’s give thanks and continue to join ranks — those of us who have thrown off that affliction.

Let’s continue to rally and raise our voices, and use any and every righteous means necessary to demand that justice be done!!!

Thank you, Miami Heat, for joining the ranks of those taking a stand and demanding justice for Trayvon!!!


We are Trayvon!!

We are Trayvon!!!

Bro. Mxolisi: We are Trayvon!!!










We are Trayvon!

— Bro. Mxolisi

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!