‘They use you up’: Hall of Famer (Tony) Dorsett suing NFL

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‘They use you up’: Hall of Famer (Tony) Dorsett suing NFL


The Associated Press

Thursday, February 2, 2012 11:01 AM EST


The story that followed the above headline causes one to stop and reflect on the thousands, millions, of boys and men, from adolescents to teens to young adults, who are risking life and limb with the hopes of fulfilling their dreams of becoming warriors-gladiators-heroes in/on the brutal battlefields and record books of the NFL.

It causes one to reflect on what seems to be the increasing brutality of the game, and the players’ development and refinement of techniques by which to inflict debilitating damage to the pride, bones and brains of opposing players, as well as the huge amounts of money that are being shelled out by parents and others for the purchase of equipment and insurance required to allow their want-to-be warriors to indulge.

It causes one to reflect and flinch at the sight and memory of young men hurling themselves – headfirst, helmet first – at one another, in effort to gain another yard or add another notch to their reputations, despite the increasing numbers of former footballers whose maimed bodies and excruciating existences emphatically cry out, “Don’t do it!” One can only wonder why they continue doing it, despite the accumulating studies on the horrendous effects of the concussions that result from helmeted-head to helmeted-head collisions, not to mentions spinal cord injuries and potential life-long paralysis.

Yep, “They use you up.” They — those owners, equipment manufacturers and insurance policy pushers, as they cash in big time. They — those opposing players and vicariously vicious fans in the stands who ooh and aahh and yearn for more, more, more. Yes, they do use you up.

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!

Bro. Mxolisi