When Africans Pray and Do Not Watch

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-When Africans Pray and Do Not Watch: (excerpted)

by Chika Ezeanya @ www.chikaforafrica.wordpress.com

Any prayer that leaves 100% responsibility for its fulfillment to God is an irresponsible prayer. Africans are won’t to resort to the supernatural, “leaving everything in the hands of God” while refusing to think and believe that they are to be used to correct the anomalies around them.

Prayer is an unparalleled spiritual exercise; we draw strength and guidance from God to set us on course to be the best of who and what we can ever be. In this instance then, Africans are at an advantage because we still recognize the existence of the spiritual realm, and have not rationalized it away. But why then are we not using this belief to our advantage?

Why are we not drawing strength from God to say no to bribing a police officer or custom official? Why are we not leaning on God’s patience to queue up at service centers? Why are we not putting our faith in the Most High not to inflate invoice figures or cheat during exams? Why do we not tap into the Wise One’s store of knowledge to develop indigenous systems and processes that will outwit Western imported models? Why do we call on God day and night to restore the pride of the Black race, while we search desperately for avenues to short change ourselves at the slightest inclination?

How long are we going to call upon God, while He is calling upon us to arise and build, to stand and think and act, to start investing in our continent and people and quit developing other people’s economies, to make peace instead of war, to quit bribing the authorities, stealing, cheating and to fight for the cause of the oppressed?

I believe in religion, especially when it spurs you into positive action. I also believe in giving everything its due place. Prayer sessions and spiritual campaigns for the continent ought to be a constant thing in the life of Africans. But when it is time to think, to act, to stand up and say no, then let us realize that we are in the battle front. The soldier prays before going to war, he is not on his knees while surrounded by enemies; he draws his sword and fights for his life. Africans are highly spiritual and that should translate to a life of creativity, innovation and discipline, not otherwise.

Trust in God by Africans ought to negate fear of man, and the fear of Europe and America that leads to the current complete dependence on them. Trust in God means a belief to be fruitful and multiply, to think for ways to create wealth from the environment in which God has placed us. God will use Africans who are disciplined, diligent, and innovative in the area of life in which they are thrust, such as psychology, farming, carpentry, sociology, medicine, economics and politics,  to bring advancement to the continent, and not otherwise.