I’m Feeling You, Too

Posted on January 25, 2012 by


I’m Feeling You, Too.

I’m hearing and feeling

the message of your heart making its way to mine

through the warm breaths of life and love

that flow from your nostrils and across my face.

I’m feeling you, too.

Through warm, moist, luscious lips

becoming one with mine, and the

taking of my tongue into

the sweetness those lips conceal.

I’m feeling you, too.

I hear and feel you feeling me;

the message of your heart radiating

through every single part of the being that you are;

your precious invitation to my reality

for the integration of your oneness with mine

for adventures of ecstasy – the total being kind.

In every single part of me,

I feel you.

I’m feeling you.

I’m . . .  feeling . . .You . . . too.

(Submitted by an anonymous admirer of the “I Feel You” poem)