In the Throes of Fag-End* Xmas Madness: “We Need to Rebuild Our Cultural Immune System!!”

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By Min. Mxolisi Ozo-Sowande

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Dr. Marimba Ani, speaking at the July 2011 Association of Black Psychologists Annual Convention, urged us to remember: When we choose to be born African, we promise to engage in victorious struggle to restore our peoplehood!!! . . . She urged us to understand: IT CAN BE REAL IF WE MAKE IT REAL!!!

Sister Dr. Marimba Ani: “We must rebuild our cultural immune system.”

Additionally, she urged us to understand: WE NEED TO REBUILD OUR CULTURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!  Without our cultural and historical connections we are not a people!

Those were strong and resonating words in July, challenging us to do more than give up some applause or “right on,” but to be about the business of taking every opportunity to bring the African historical-cultural-spiritual truth to bear on the hearts, minds and souls of our people. This is especially important when the euro-centric conspiracy to squash all non-euro world views is rearing its ugly head and spewing its insidious lies at so-called holiday times and seasons.

The world is at this moment in the throes of the Xmas madness, in the midst of a period when the euro-machine has some of its greatest success in taking our people deeper into what Dr. Ray Hagins (minister/psychologist — Chief Elder and Pastor of The Afrikan Village, formerly New Ephesus Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri), calls “a psychological impairment (which) results in a perpetual psychopathology, . . . rendering those who are spiritual by nature [African people] impotent  in the defense of their own spiritual well being.”

In a message he entitled, “The Subliminal Seduction of Holiday Celebrations,” Hagins said that this psychological impairment grows from “a pattern of persistently hearing that which hinders (or damages) the spiritual, intellectual and/or emotional development of an individual,” resulting in a deep detachment from reality.  At this time of the year that detachment has our people accelerating the teaching of our children about some red nosed reindeer and something called Santa Claus. “What an insult on our genius!” he declared.

Brother Dr. Ray Hagins: Let us not insult our genius!

(View Dr. Hagins’ video message at:

The redeeming value of this time of the year – even in the Western World — is that yet a significant number of people are endeavoring to grow in knowing what African people have always endeavored to know and understand, and pass on to their children: “what it means to be human: what is the meaning of life, and what are the correct relations among humans, between humans and spiritual powers, and with the natural world? . . . They also seek to explain the persistence of evil and suffering, and they seek to portray the world as operating with some degree of order and predictability. They uphold certain types of ethical behavior. . . These ideas are expressed in sacred oral [and written] traditions, handed down from generation to generation through the performance of ritual [dance and music] and through intensive periods of education, including rites of passage.” (Robert Baum in Africana: The Encyclopedia of African and African American Experience, 1999)

Going to the very heart of the matter, for this time of the year, are some words Dr. Hagins heard back in 1987– words that shook him to his core and started him on the path of recovery from his own psychological impairment: “We need to get this European Jesus out of the minds of our people, and realize that the original Christ was named Horus” (Heru; from our Kemetian/ancient Egyptian heritage).

“My reason for sharing this testimony” Dr. Hagins continued, “is NOT to ‘convert’ anyone to Afrikan consciousness but simply to let you know that since the European invasion and theft of our people from our Motherland, we Afrikans have been born and raised in the LIE of European Religious and Cultural Imperialism and we think we are walking in the truth (because it is all that we know)!  The religion that we have been made to love (Christianity), was forced upon us by European slave traders and the European ‘slave masters’ who enslaved us. That alone should make EVERY Black man, woman and child be suspect about the slave master’s religion.”

At this time of the year, WE who have enjoyed the immaculate liberation that has allowed us to be born again in the African spirit and consciousness which is our divine birthright need to be diligently about the business of endeavoring to plant the seeds of that liberation among our people. WE need to be spreading the news that the original Christ, the original babe of immaculate conception and birth, was/is African – in our Kemetian (ancient Egyptian) tradition, in our Ifa/Yoruba tradition, in numerous African traditions that pre-date, inform and inspire the johnny-come-lately Roman/Catholic/European/Western World versions that have been imposed upon us.

WE MUST let it be known that the first and foremost quests for answers to the issues outlined above by Baum were undertaken by our African ancestors; that their insights and convictions (especially those most profound, most well documented, most imitated and plagiarized findings and teachings of our Kemetian Ancestors) — and their generosity to share them – were the preeminent factors in the birth of Christianity.

(View these two videos to begin scratching the surface of the great Teachings of our Ancestors:;

(For additional info visit:

WE MUST always do all we can, in every way we can, to teach Immaculate Truth!

WE MUST let it be known that the primary lesson embodied in Immaculate Birth traditions is profoundly expressed in these words from Ayi Kwei Armah’s “Two Thousand Seasons”: “. . . there is a great force in the world, a force spiritual and able to shape the physical universe, but . . . that force is not something cut off, not something separate from ourselves. It is an energy in us, strongest in our working, breathing, thinking together as one people; weakest when we are scattered, confused, broken into individual, unconnected fragments.”   

WE MUST let it be known that this divine potential (the potential for the immaculate birthing which the great force engenders) is the omnipresent potential in every coming together of egg and sperm, in the birth of every infant, in every stage of every life, from the cradle to the grave, from before and beyond, and in our cherished, vibrant, empowering visitations with exemplary Ancestors whose eternal vibrations in our hearts and souls continue the echoing of this sacred reality!

WE MUST help our people to visit and evaluate the tortured history that the Europeans imposed upon each other in the process of denying yet embracing the irresistible truths that our Ancestors shared with them. Help them see how the Europeans’ stern visions of life and their lifeless visions of death limited them to morbid interpretations of that which inspired and empowered our Ancestors, and led to their perceptions of a “Jesus” wrapped in their morbidity, while they called our Ancestors pagans (among other things) and murdered and enslaved them by the hundreds of thousands and millions. And have oppressed us, their descendants, in every possible way, in thought, action and policy – political, educational, economic, social, theological, et al. The ongoing fear and failure of our people to question and be resurrected from the living death of this morbidity-driven and divisive pathological dogma — masquerading in salvation clothing, and opening our hearts and minds to the liberating, unifying Teachings of our Ancestors, is a major factor in the scattered-ness, brokenness, pain and confusion that we as a people are experiencing in “America” and all over the world.

The Kwanzaa/Nguzo Saba body of principles, precepts, symbols and rituals is a magnificent African-centered creation which can serve us well in the rebuilding of our “cultural immune system,” and liberating ourselves from the morbidity-driven, euro-centric delusions that dominate our lives and dictate our brokenness. This is a rich body of cultural-spiritual elements which have undergirded the greatest good and excellence of the widest spectrum of our people throughout our earthly existence. It offers a most excellent position from which to filter and re-filter the issues outlined by Baum (above). And it will reward (has rewarded) our serious and diligent embracements with serious insights and perspectives that heal, inspire and empower our overcoming of brokenness and restore us to the path of immaculate human existence.

WE MUST Always, Always Teach the Children!

The Kwanzaa/Nguzo Saba foundational symbol, the Mkeka/Straw Mat, calls us to realize and revere the immaculate interconnectedness of Creator and Creation, divinity and humanity, and the sacredness of all life. From that foundation the principle of Umoja/Unity arises, wherein we are inspired/required to know and revere that each of us (all of us) are sons and daughters of The Most High, worthy of the love, respect, compassion and fellowship that this reality commands, who will allow nothing (not age, gender, finances, nor tribal or denominational distinctions) to undermine this sacred reality! From that great foundation, we are called to go forward — honoring worthy Ancestors and invoking their presence; cultivating visions and avenues for the greatest good for the greatest numbers of our people; using every resource at our individual and collective command – mental, spiritual, financial, et al – to produce, protect and perpetuate that greatest good; and always, always involving and teaching the children!

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In this context and the consciousness it brings, we shall be well on our way to fulfilling the promise(s) that our African re-birth embodies and requires, rebuilding our cultural immune system, liberated and protected from the culture, spiritual and psychological impairments that otherwise horrifically hinder our individual and collective well-being – at this time of the year, and 24/7/365.

Rise up, you mighty people!

Accomplish what you will!!

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!

*(Fag-end — an inferior and useless end of something: i.e. the fag ends of a rope; i.e. a culture reaching the fag end of its usefulness. [The Oxford College Dictionary])