Raising & Praising Our Ancestors, and Kicking “Santa” to the Curb!

Posted on December 10, 2011 by


by Bro. Mxolisi

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It has been a long time since I have experienced the need to respond to the question of “Santa Claus,” given my age, experiences, transformations and consciousness. But in the midst of the elementary students – kindergarten and first grade – that I have volunteered to assist in learning to read the question came up.

A bright eyed, shiny, smooth-skinned African American boy – kindergartener – asked me what Santa was bringing me for . . .  (you know what). I said, “Nothing, ‘cause I’ve been bad.” He gave me a puzzled look, and left me to stew in my own puzzlement as to whether my response was effective. I certainly didn’t want to perpetuate the SC delusion; nor utter some fiery, culturally-appropriate comment that there wouldn’t be time to process with him, that might leave him even more puzzled.

My stewing over the incident brought me to this thought: It would be a great thing if every African American family, along with the input and participation of the children, would adopt several historical and/or family Ancestors whose values and principles, morality and courage, dedication and achievements would serve to guide and inspire every member of the family in every undertaking. It would be great if they had periodic discussions about these Ancestors to make sure that each one understood and appreciated their importance for each family member.

Then, when it comes to Christmas or Kwanzaa, or any other gift giving time, it would be an awesome thing if everyone – especially our children – grew in realizing and appreciating that living up to the standards by which the Ancestors have guided us will be of great importance when it comes to the possible fulfillment of their gift wish.

If this thought would be embraced far and wide, I think the question at gift wishing time would be something like this: “What do you think the Ancestors will encourage your folks to give you?” Also: “What are the Ancestors encouraging you to give to your _____?”

Further, in this context and consciousness, children and adults would grow to be more sensible, practical and relevant in gift giving and wishing.  We will all grow to cherish gifts of meaning and purpose, given for commitments made and kept, that will inspire us to keep on reaching for the highest heights and deepest depth of our greatest potentials. And in that revolutionary context, we could kick to the curb, once and for all, “Santa Claus” and that fag-end* obscene Xmas commercial crap!  *(Fag-end — an inferior and useless end of something; i.e. the fag ends of a rope; i.e. a culture reaching the fag end of its usefulness. [The Oxford College Dictionary])

What do the Ancestors have in store for YOU?

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!!!