Sankofa Oases Await Us!!!

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By Minister Mxolisi Ozo-Sowande (aka Bro. Mxolisi T. Sowell)

October 6251 a.f.k. (2011 c.e.)

(V&V: As the end of October draws near, a month when many have paused to  pay special homage to Ancestors and renew our commitments to liberation, restoration and sovereignty — at Home and Abroad — please allow the following words to commune with your spirit and soul.)

Sankofa Oases await us!!!

Olulana, O,  Olulana!!!

Let the path be open!!!                                                                                                                                                           

Beyond the misery and pain, anger and disorder, there is history, heritage and values for life to be discovered, known and embraced. But the journey must be taken – mentally, spiritually, intellectually, culturally; through the thorns and thistles of the stench, filth and horrors of the destruction of Ancestral lives and loves; through the anger, pain and fear of the ongoing attempts to systematically assassinate the African memory and spirit.

For beyond the massive desert of Maafa Madness and the Maangamizi Mangling of our existence,

 beyond the Heinous Holocaustic Hate, there are Oases where our Ancestors are waiting. They are waiting to know that they have not been forgotten. They are eager to give us words of wisdom and love. They are yearning to invigorate our souls, and to show us the ways of beauty, excellence and joy.

Beyond the mangling, madness and hate, beyond the disorder, anger and pain,

Oases await us where Truth, Beauty and Goodness abound; where Truth, Justice and Righteousness are the eternal order of every sacred day;

where Harmony, Balance, Propriety and Reciprocity abound in the history to be discovered and in the lives through which that history is written; where Unity and Community are foundation for the future; where Cooperative, Collective principles produce excellence beyond compare; where the pillars of Self-knowledge and Self-Determination strengthen and inspire Creativity and Faith.

Oases await us where Ancestors want to know that they are not forgotten, but are heard and heeded, loved and appreciated, and can know without a doubt that their excellence shall be remembered and reflected in the transformations of our lives, allowing them to move on and complete their journeys to Oneness —  Oneness with The One – the divine and eternal source of excellence and love, with every confidence that the healing which flows from Sankofa Oases shall forever guide our strides to liberation and restoration.

Sankofa Oases await us.

Olulana, O, Olulana!!!

Let the path be open!!!