Does Amen Ra, NTR of Ntru, Almighty GOD Live In YOU & Through YOU?

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 What does this image, these symbols that communicate the name of Amen Ra – ( NTR of Ntru, Almighty GOD) — say to you about you?

Let me offer the following, beginning with this profound insight from the work of Bro. Ayi Kwei Armah in “2000
“. . . there is indeed a great force in the world, a force spiritual and able to change the physical universe, but . . . that force is not something cut off, not something separate from ourselves. It is an energy in us, strongest in our working, breathing, thinking together as one people; weakest when we are scattered, confused, broken into individual, unconnected fragments.” (Pg. 151)

The following is based on the intellectual and intuitive understandings that the components of the name of Amen Ra are doorways that open to communions of consciousness and power – communions that the heart of The Most High and the hearts of our Sacred Ancestors call our hearts to attend. Faith is the key and informed meditative practice is the energy by which to enter and immerse ourselves in these communions of sacred consciousness to which we are invited.

The first symbol is the budding reed leaf, which communicates the “a” in Amen Ra. Further, it communicates that Amen Ra is the Great Spirit of Life, the First Principle of Life, The One having the power to become the many. Have you noticed reeds in bloom around bodies of water; how their fluffy blooms containing innumerable seeds are stirred by the breezes which carry those seeds to fertile spots of soil to begin new life? This symbol calls all who will listen to allow our hearts and minds, and every cell of our being, to be fertile ground — receptive to the life and nurture that each breath of life brings from The Most High; to grow to become great spirits of life who use our hearts and minds, and every ounce of truth, justice and righteousness (Maat) growing in every cell and fiber of our being to disseminate the truth, beauty and goodness of the divine sacred reality with every breath of our lives.

Meditative expression / Crown chakra:

Divine Holy Spirit, Great Spirit of Life, Your sacred essence within calls me to live the sacred life: The life of truth & justice, balance & harmony, righteousness, right order & reciprocity. In every cell and fiber of the temple that I be, Always be Sep Tepy in me.

(Sep Tepy is the Kemetic expression meaning “the first time,” in reference to the eternal & on-going moment of Creation)

Mantra (to be used at each chakra before moving on to the next one): Amen-n-n Ra-a; Amen-n Ra-a.

The second symbol is the senet game board which communicates the “men” sound in Amen. It is a symbol for the eternity or permanence of The Most High, as well as divine intelligence and creativity. Senet was a popular game in ancient Kemet, the precursor to draughts, chess, checkers and other board games of strategy and skill. Imagine the constant presence of elders pitting their senet strategies against one another, with eager youths looking on in our ancient homeland. More importantly, understand that The Most High entrusts the qualities represented by this symbol to each of us, to enable and empower us to develop and perpetuate the greatest good for the greatest number, as we work, think and breathe together as one.

Meditative expression / Pineal chakra:

Spirit of Eternity, Intelligence & Creativity, with each breath of life, Amen Ra, I come to Thee. Always be Sep Tepy in me.

Beneath the senet board is the rippling water, a phonetic compliment which serves to add emphasis to the “n” sound of Amen. It also represents the sound of the energy of The Most High doing the work of Creation. It serves to remind and emphasize that the work of Creation is on-going with the continued flow of the sacred breath of life; that each one who partakes of that breath is empowered and expected to undertake a righteous and purposeful role in the on-going work of Creation.

Meditative expression / Throat chakra:

Divine Generosity, Holy Sacred Sovereignty, with every breath of life I know You come to me. Always be Sep Tepy in me.

To the right of the game board is the mouth which communicates the “r” sound in Ra. It also denotes the entire seeing, hearing, breathing, perceiving, declaring, creating process of The Most High as stated in the Memphite Theology. It serves to remind and inspire us that these same powers have been entrusted to us by which to bring into being the community of truth and love with family, loved-ones and all the world.

Meditative expression / Heart chakra:

In me let Your heart arise, with love and Maat energized. Let every word of my mouth bring peace and harmony. Always be Sep Tepy in me.

The hand and forearm beneath the mouth communicates the “ah” sound in Ra. Additionally, it represents the full range of creative acts and blessings that come forth from the “hands” of The Most High – giving, receiving, setting of limits, opening of new vistas. It serves to remind and inspire those who revere the image and essence of NTR (GOD) within to be unceasing in turning our hands to the deeds and actions that create, protect and perpetuate the community of truth and love.

Heru,with hedj scepter in right hand and sekhem in the left hand.

Meditative expressions / Solar plexus chakra (right hand, holding hedj or mace scepter; a weapon of [spiritual] warfare):

As it is above with Thee, let it be below with me. Let me grow always in divinity. Always be Sep Tepy in me.


Lower abdominal chakra (left hand, holding sekhem scepter; symbol of authority):

 As I come forth night and day let it be the sacred way, in everything I do & everything I say. Always be Sep Tepy in me.

 The solar disk and its accompanying determinative stroke serve to clarify that we are referencing Ra, The Great Spirit of Life that manifests its presence and purposes in and through the powers of the sun. It serves to remind and inspire us to always do all we can, in every way we can, to be the sun of truth, beauty and goodness, hope and love, in the sky of family, community and loved-ones; to let that power always be present in the sky of our own consciousness.

Meditative expression / Base of spine chakra:

Let Your light shine on me until my heart is truly free — free to live as one with Thee for all eternity. Always be Sep Tepy in me.

Finally, the anthropomorphic deity symbol is a determinative having no role in the sound but serving to clarify the preceeding word or phrase. It serves to clarify that we are, indeed, referring to Amen Ra, NTR, GOD, that Great Spirit of Life. And the anthropomorphic nature of this symbol serves to trumpet the truth embodied in the insight that came to us in Armah’s work: That this Great Spirit “is not something cut off, not something separate from ourselves. It is an energy in us, strongest in our working, breathing, thinking together as one people,” — with IT and with each other!

Meditative expression / For the total temple that you are:

Divine Creator, Strong Liberator; Sacred Ancestors, Eternal Parents and Elders; Always be Sep Tepy in me.

Your meditation might allow you to hear and feel The Most High say something like this: “I am in you. I am the courage, faith, creativity and ingenuity that empowered Asar and Aset, Menes and Hatshepsut, Imhotep and Carver, Nzinga and Hannibal, and all your fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers who honored and cultivated the presence and power of the sacred essence in their lives in an exemplary manner. They are now One-With-Me for all eternity. It was me in Marcus, Martin, Malcolm and Medgar. It was me in Harriet, Sojourner, Bethune and Ella Baker. And I AM in You!”

Let’s do all we can in every way we can to meditate upon and be One-With that sacred essence within and never allow any lesser power in the universe of life to lead us to neglect and disrespect IT. Let us always pour libations with our hearts and souls, to honor our sacred ancestors and the Great Spirit who lived (lives) in and through them, and move closer to allowing that Great Spirit to manifest fully within us!

Ankh, Udja, Seneb!
Bro. Mxolisi