Calling Black Fathers: Step Up to the Plate Before It’s Too Late!!!

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By Bro. Mxolisi

As we prepare to move forward into school year 2011, the call has been put out to Black fathers for a Million Father March on the first day of school.

No. Not that kind of march. No expensive travel and hotel tickets to buy, to accommodate your journey to D.C or some other place clear across country (providing a financial windfall to all the wrong people). No demonstrations to be staged before politicians and other deaf, dumb, blind, obscene and criminal public officials.

Fathers! Extend your strength and love!

This is a March to be done, mostly, in the town or city in which you live. It is not to be done in a crowd of men stepping in unison. It is to be done with your children, as you accompany them up to and into the school(s) they will be attending this year. It’s a March to demonstrate to your children – (too many of whom are suffering from the absence of significant fatherhood in their lives) — that you know the importance of education for their lives and that they will have your significant, consistent support and involvement throughout the school year. The boys and the girls!!!

It’s a March to meet the teachers and administrators who will be engaged in serious interaction with your children for the next nine months, to make sure that the positive impact that is known to come to children whose parents are positively involved in the educational process comes to your children. Get their contact information; give them yours. Be available. Be engaged. Throughout the year. (Read our May 9, 2011 article —  3rd Graders with Weak Reading Skills May Face a Future of Unemployment, Poverty, Prison!)

Fathers! Let's save the children!

The unison step being called for, is for Black fathers, especially the absentee variety (literal and figurative), to grow in realizing the negative impact that your absence is having on your children and working whatever magic needs to be worked on your heart to bring about a positive transformation. Read all those negative statistics; see your face up in there! Then do the right thing; and put your heart, mind, body and soul (and face) in another space – one that will help your children find their place in the sun. Don’t let nothin’ keep you from that mission. Nothin’!!!

Don’t let issues between you and the children’s mother, nor anything of that nature (including the other woman), keep you from extending your strength and love to them.

And if fathers, for whatever reason are unwilling (or unable) to be present and accounted for: Big brothers, uncles, grandfathers, mentors, will you please stand in?

Thus far, individuals and organizations from over 700 U.S. cities have made the commitment to March on the first day of school, according to Phillip Jackson of the

Phillip Jackson, Black Star Project President

Chicago-based Black Star Project (BSP) which called for the March. In addition to Marching on the first day of school, dads are urged to pledge to support for their children throughout the year and volunteer 10 hours of service to the school for the year. Research shows that when dads are active in their children’s academic lives, grades and test scores go up, and children find school more enjoyable, according to BSP, which began the Million Father March in 2004. Students are more likely to graduate high school and undergraduate school. They’re also less likely to be suspended, expelled or take drugs.

An estimated 800,000 men in 600 cities participated in 2010. This year, an estimated 1,000,000 men are expected to participate. Will YOU?

Visit for further information and ideas for a wide variety of programs that help parents and community be/become the village our children need