An Advocate for Matriarchal Leadership Responds: What Constitutes a Good MAN?

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Sis LeTava, advocate for matriarchal leadership principles

  I have been asked (and avoided) this question for a number of reasons. At any rate . . . here goes my take on the matter:

1.)    A MAN is HONEST. He has developed his character to the point where he is confident in his ability to deliver and feels no need to make others more comfortable when it comes to his capabilities. He is also honest in his intentions.

2.)    A MAN is DELIBERATE. He has already considered his reasons and the effects of his actions and boldly stands behind them.

3.)    A MAN is ACCOUNTABLE. He learns from his mistakes and makes good on his word.

4.)    4 A MAN EARNS his own way through life. While he understands the concept of being part of a whole, he carries his own weight and the weight of his family. He doesn’t wait or want anyone to give him anything, because he wants to insure that he is entitled to whatever he demands of life in his care.

5.)    A MAN is RESPONSIBLE and response-able. He moves quick and without hesitation to resolve problems and/or eliminate threats.

6.)    A MAN is a PROVIDER. While it may not always b within his reach to offer 100% of the necessary provisions for his family, he is never empty-handed.

7.)    A MAN is COMMITTED. He sees a process through to completion; not just when it is in his own best interest. He places the benefit of his family above his own personal comfort.

8.)    A MAN is LOVING. He anticipates the needs of the objects of his affection and those in his care. He invests in his love and expresses it in various love languages. He works to develop his ability to speak his love to his woman and his family in many areas, on many levels, (so) that they are satisfied with his affections.

9.)    A MAN is PROTECTIVE. He does all within his power to not allow anyone or anything to make his woman or his family feel insecure. Uncertainty does not enter the door of his home, because he heads it off at the gate.

10.)  A MAN is PROACTIVE. He avoids being reactionary by being alert to all areas of his control. He does not need an invitation to get involved in household or family functions; he is totally engaged and present.

11.)  A MAN is ASSERTIVE; a polished and refined form of aggressive.

12.) A MAN is UNDERSTANDING. Although he is not tolerant of disrespect, he understands that manhood is a growth process in which many males fail to succeed.

13.) A MAN EMPOWERS. He offers freely, an example, tools and education to the boys in his sphere of influence. And he teaches his daughters a reliable means of measuring the manhood of other males she may encounter.

14.) A MAN is RELIABLE. Nothing takes priority over his family.

15.) Finally . . . and sometimes most importantly, A MAN is NOTAFRAID OF BUGS! Because there will surely always come a time when a bug is bigger and crunchier than my shoe and my nerves. (LMAO) < — I threw this one in just for fun. Thanks for reading.

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