Youth Leadership Project Africa

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Youth Focus

By: Ashley Dobia Mwanza, Ireland

Secretary (Information, Communications, Legal) of the YLPA Board.

Youth Leadership Project Africa (YLPA) is a registered non-profit organization empowering impoverished youth to break the cycle of poverty in Africa. YLPA has one main goal, which is to provide the young Africans with a chance for a better future. Hence help to alleviate and/or by all means possible eradicate suffering and poverty. This organization endeavors to help create and develop leaders who will be at the forefront of Africa’s tomorrow, its prosperity. The aim is to do this through projects in various African countries.

YLPA will achieve its objectives of providing opportunities and developing young people into leaders by setting-up grass roots projects in the countries we operate, building strategic partnerships with other community organizations, working with the business community and coordinating with local and international agencies. In any country, youth represent the future and thus the African youth represent the future of Mother Africa. The youth are the backbone of the continent, because they are today’s pillar of society and inheritors of tomorrow.

The young people must start making decisions and taking actions that affect their communities, towns, cities, and countries. YLPA is a voice for the voiceless, this ‘voice’ (strong commitment) no doubt is destined to deliver a great deal to Africa’s future.

YLPA will aid in augmenting a growing number of sophisticated projects that are being led by young people in schools, universities and community organizations across the continent and indeed across the globe. Instead of conducting one-time, single issue projects that limit the impact and validity of the youth’s voice, the organizers and supporters of YLPA6 will help the young people to become lifelong advocates with sophisticated understandings of divergent movements for social change, hence the projects will create better lives for all of Africa.

This is a building in progress as a continent is being built from its foundation up. To build a nation one needs a strategic plan and or policy. To achieve any meaningful resolutions, the youth must be empowered through policies to participate in development projects, guaranteeing that these combined efforts will play a role in the evaluation of national policy changes, national and global progress. Our youth will play a greater leadership role in socially-aware ventures, narrowing the gap, making Africa more equal and progressive.

Many youth in Africa live in poverty and have far fewer opportunities than their more advantaged peers. Often, their homes lack parental support most whose lives were cut short by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other diseases. What kindness can you offer? There are so many benefits in helping disadvantaged children. You can help so that they in turn can help themselves, a humanitarian commitment to improve the world and the lives of people in need.

Africa is facing growing inequalities. With an increasing number of underprivileged people, the gap between the rich and the poor is colossal. Children and youth are particularly affected, facing bad health and poor education. They are also more likely to remain poor when they grow up. Nevertheless, poverty can’t be an ignored topic on the continent of Africa because it is right there in the face of its people. We should not allow social inequalities.

Through creation of educational and sustainable development projects and opportunities Africa can be prosperous. The continent’s needs are immense. The answer is education. Investment in the education systems should be of paramount importance. Education opens the path for the exploration of individual talents, skills and wherewithal. Only through education for all and its stable long-lasting effects will we be able to eradicate poverty and hunger. Investing in youth education is vital for Africa’s development, the creation of tomorrow’s leaders. The tutoring of Africa’s youth is essential to their economic well‐being and of vital importance to the continent’s economic future.

Not only are the youth important to the future of Africa they are important to the future of our world. We all must take responsibility for moving Africa into the future by playing our part in one way or the other. Young people are an important and valuable part of the community and make a major contribution to the vitality and creativity of any country.

“Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts itself off from its youth severs its lifeline.” (Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Improving the world is a continuous process. Now is the time to capture this passion and YLPA will help in providing an introduction of valuable chapter programs and services to the young African generation to catapult them into the future so that they can stand hand and shoulders with their counterparts around the world.

YLPA will help to stimulate young minds, future leaders; this will help to produce socially aware young leaders who are empowered to fulfill Africa’s mission. It is a long road, but even though it is a long road it is not impossible. We should realize that the youth will be recipients, and drivers, of change in the future, so let us prepare them now.