A Prayer for Black History Celebrations & Our Undying Life Dedications

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A Prayer for Black History – Past, Present & Future!!

Divine Creator, Strong Liberator;

As we gather for this reflection and celebration regarding the significant chapters of history that our ancestors have written with their lives, we give thanks and praises that it is within the infinite and unfathomable eternity that You are that we live and breathe and have our being; that it is by the power of Your sacred energy, image and essence entrusted unto us that we are inspired and compelled to seek first-class relationships with all things and beings within Creation. 

We give thanks that it was by the power of this consciousness and faith that our ancient ancestors were the pre-eminent innovators of the elements and dynamics of intelligent existence that continue to benefit humanity to this very day — in the areas of spirituality and religion, scientific investigation, agriculture and medicine, architecture and inter-personal relationships; and more . . . and more.

We continue giving thanks for one Carter Godwin Woodson who could not resist the first-class power of Your presence within himself and his desire for a first-class existence within You, and his rise from the tobacco fields, coal mines and spirit-killing fields of second-class inhumanity and expectations that this nation and world would impose upon him and all sons and daughters of Your African creation. 

We pray this day that we all shall continue growing in hearing the fullness of Your call coming through him to study and be inspired by the aspirations and achievements of our great fore-fathers and fore-mothers — beginning with African philosophy and anthropology and the economic and social dynamics of the victorious visions of their profound villages. 

We are thankful for others, too numerous to name at this moment, in whom and through whom the first-class reality of Your presence within would not allow them to settle for second-class impositions on their bodies and souls, their hearts and minds, from any source under the sun.  And we pray, in this day of great turmoil and conflict, that this shall continue to be the growing reality for every daughter and son of Your sacred family, in every village and town, every hamlet and metropolis throughout the earth.

Bless us to go onward and upward from the African foundation of faith in the sacredness of all life, and with deeply abiding respect for those who have distinguished themselves on that foundation. 

Bless us to go forward, as they have done, in the spirit of Unity, the spirit of oneness that is called Umoja, because we are all sons and daughters in Your sacred family, deserving of the respect that this reality commands. 

Forward! — in the spirit of Self-determination, sometimes called Kujichagulia, using the power of our minds to determine for ourselves what serves the greatest good for the greatest of our numbers. 

Forward! — in the spirit of Collective Work & Responsibility that is called Ujima, because we are sisters and brothers who are willing to help one another to know the best of the blessings that are possible in life. 

Bless us to know and practice Cooperative Economics, called Ujamaa, using our financial resources in ways that underwrite, but not undermine, the greatest dreams that we have for every son and daughter of our local, national and international village. 

Forward! — in the spirit and power of great Purpose, sometimes called Nia, to repair and restore our sense of community and prepare ourselves for leadership roles in the continuing evolution of humanity. 

Forward! — with Creativity, called Kuumba, growing from our consciousness of and respect for Your sacred essence continuing the work of creation in and through our intelligence and talents. 

Bless us to go forward in Faith, Imani: Faith in You, Almighty GOD, Great Spirit within; supreme trust and confidence in parents, elders and leaders, and in the righteousness and victory of our struggle for truth, beauty and goodness for everyone under the sun.

 Bless us, as we go forward, to leave no stone unturned, to do all we can in every way we can, to teach our children by word and by deed these magnificent and eternal values of humanity and divinity. 

By the power of Your image, energy and essence living within us, seeking full life within us, seeking renewal and elevation with each breath of life – by that power we pray, and we say, Ashe’! Amen! Ashe’! Amen!

— Bro. Mxolisi