The Agony of the Ecstasy

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 HIV/AIDS: The Agony of Ecstasy

Significant numbers of African Americans believe (or have believed) that the HIV virus is man-made, spread by the CIA, a form of genocide against Blacks; that AIDS was produced in a government lab; that there is a cure for AIDS that is being withheld from the poor. Could be; could be not!

Whatever the case, with nearly 50% of all known and new HIV infections in the country being diagnosed within the African American population, with Black women being a disproportionate number within those statistics, it must be understood that unprotected sexual intercourse with one-night-stands, friends-with-benefits and other similar casual relationships is extremely risky business. It could be, literally, a matter of life or death. It has been speculated that, “A 22-year-old woman who has sex with multiple men in an area with very low HIV prevalence, such as a Georgetown bar for well connected young people in D.C. politics, probably has less chance of getting infected than a 22-year-old woman who had sex with only one man in a poor D.C. neighborhood with a very high HIV prevalence.”

The very least that one can do is to insist, without compromise or deviation, on the use of a condom for every sexual act with anyone whose HIV/AIDS status is not known and trusted by you.

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At it is recommended that every person owes it to her/himself to investigate their thoughts and ideas on sex: What are your reasons for engaging in sex? When is the right time to agree to a sexual relationship? Who is this person that I’m attracted to? What are his/her answers to these kinds of questions? What cultural or religious values guide your decisions and behavior? Additionally, it is suggested that being tested together and having first-hand knowledge of each other’s results can be a helpful step, keeping in mind that HIV results can take up to six months to be confirmed.

Ancient African wisdom says: Know Thyself; I must control my thoughts; I must control my actions; I must cultivate the ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong; I must cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal.

Let these words to the wise and the unwise make a difference!                                               –Bro. Mxolisi