Pan African Prayer

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A Pan African Prayer or Offering

By Mwalimu W. Kabaila



We call upon our Ancestors and the Divine Spirit within each of us to assist in asserting the African principles of unity and self-determination in the building of our National and Pan African Community.


In the building of our Pan African Community, we call upon the Maatian virtues of Truth, Justice, Balance, Order, Harmony, Propriety and Reciprocity to guide our path and solidify our relationships. Collectively, we call upon these African principles and virtues in our efforts to reach deep within ourselves in order to realize our fullest potential and possibilities.

We stand at this historical juncture and request of our Elders and Ancestors to give us insight, innovation and initiative to come together in love and struggle to create a world in our own image and interests, as we ensure that our National Community develops the capacity to make us a free, proud and productive people.


With this prayer and offering, we ask that Rahh, Obatila and Nkulunkulu are satisfied.



Hotep, Ase’, Heri!!

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