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Hey thanks for stopping by.

This online version of the “Visions & Victories” newsletter is now here.

Visions & Victories

Voices from the World African Community

for excellence and success.

We encourage you to come back and visit us monthly to explore a variety of articles, and multimedia presentations that represent just what the title says.
We invite you as well, if you are a writer, author, poet, artist, photographer, or a voice for the cause, to join with us and publish your works here on the Visions & Victories. This is where we will be presenting not just ours, but your voices of excellence and success.

 To contact us for further information, send us an email at

To view articles and postings for the current or a stand alone month, view the archive posts at the bottom of the page and click onto the month of choice.

To view a complete list of all articles, just click onto the Archives tab at the top of the page.

Or if you just interested in a particular category you can also make that selection from the category listing at the bottom of the page.

Feel free to post your comments and/or share this site, articles and info wit others.

Continue to visit with us as there will be ongoing changes and additions to this site,

the Visions & Victories Newsletter.

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